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At Thoo Mweh Khee we provide a traditional education from nursery on through high school with standard subjects of Math, Social Studies, History, Science, and language skills including Karen, Thai, Burmese, and English.  The main language of instruction is Karen, although other languages are used depending on the proficiency of teachers.


The main goal of our post-secondary education is a continuation of essential skills gained in high school as well as a broadening of knowledge and proficiency in order to prepare the students to be impactful citizens and world-changers in their communities.



The Diploma of Language and Community is a 2 year course to provide students with knowledge and skills (through intensive English and Thai), 
to help their community in projects such as community development, education 
services, health services, enterprise and translation. There are also vocational skill offerings in agriculture and sewing, with other plans in the works.  This program's 
aim is to give students the skills, innovation, and motivation to go back to their remote or rural villages and help improve the lives of their people.



Started in response to an abundance of students interested in higher education and limited resources to send our ever growing numbers, the Bachelor of Liberal Arts is a 4 year course that aims to provide a well-rounded university-level education with majors in Politics, Education, and Business & Economics and offerings of subjects in the social sciences, hard sciences, and general academic skills. This course will provide a wide range of subjects to equip the students to be qualified future leaders in their  communities.



This program is an intensive course offered in English focusing on the academic skills and qualifications necessary to attend international universities.  The GED is an American exam offered which, if passed, enables students to be eligible to study in international universities. At the moment, there are ten graduates from our school 
who are attending international universities in Thailand, two in Nagaland, India, and four in the Philippines.

Preparing students to be impactful citizens and world-changers in their communities




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