Thra (teacher) Pway Doh first came to TMK in 2001 when the school was only for K-1 and under the pastor’s house. He returned as an English teacher to TMK School in 2007. He became headmaster in 2009 and now juggles administrative duties while he continues to teach English to the two Grade 8 classes. Pway Doh is married with two beautiful daughters. They live on site at the school. Headmaster of TMKS is a 24/7 job - on call day and night. Together with Pastor Peacefully, he is father to more than 350 students who live in our dormitories.



Peacefully became Pastor of Bethel Karen Baptist Church in the TMK campus in January 2006 but he first came there as an 11 year old with his family when their village was destroyed by the Burmese Army on Christmas Day 1989. He graduated from Mae La Refugee Camp Bible School, received a Master’s Degree from Payap University, and is currently working on a PhD in Education Curriculum in Human Development from Naresuan University.  He has many official titles including Pastor, TMK School and College President, Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Youth Chairperson and Secretary of the Taw Naw Mu Htaw Kawthoolei Karen Baptist Area but he is known to many, both locally and internationally, as THE LEGEND!   


Brandon is from the small town of Wallace, Michigan USA. Brandon arrived in 2009 after completing his Bachelor's degree in Anthropology. After visiting a few times he felt the irresistible call to return. Brandon is known in the community as “White Karen” and will often be seen chewing the cultural betel nut. After many years of dedicated service, Brandon became Director of Higher Education in 2012. 

"My passion is for the younger generation - that they will grow in the knowledge of Christ and be educated so they can be good leaders for our people in these very difficult times.  It is a big challenge for me to bring up this generation to the brighter future; but I am confident that with God's grace and the support of our community, we will succeed in this aim".


- Ps Peacefully 


Teacher Bee Bee is the collective mother of everyone and is known widely simply as “Mommy.”  She moved to TMK in 2012 as a teacher and her husband has since joined her.  She takes care of the Special Dormitory for our younger children, serves as the school nurse, and specializes in taking care of visitors.  She graduates from the BARS in Yangon and teaches and fills in whenever necessary.